Automatically Backing Up Saved Files

A batch file and some instructions on how to automatically encrypt and backup files in a directory to Dropbox each time they’re saved.

Book Review Custom Post Type

A book review custom post type for WordPress, a replacement for my old book review plugin that makes use of the new functionality.

Book Reviews Plugin

A plugin to let you easily write book reviews in WordPress.

Book Reviews Plugin v1 for WP 2.0

An update to my book reviews plugin for WordPress to make it compatible with version 2.0.

Book Reviews Plugin v1.2 for WP 2.1

Update to the book reviews WordPress plugin to make it compatible with version 2.1.

Book Reviews Plugin v1.3 for WP 2.3

Update to the book reviews WordPress plugin to make it compatible with version 2.3.

Book Reviews Plugin v1.4 for WP 2.5

An update to my book reviews plugin for WordPress to make it compatible with version 2.5.

Celtx Tools Application

A tool to use with Celtx that allows for a global word count of all the documents in a project, export of selected documents and allows you to export Celtx screenplays to Final Draft format.

Front-End Markdown Gallery Script

When I converted one of my sites from WordPress to static, I lost some things. One of those was the ability to easily generate a gallery of images; thumbnails that link to larger versions. Markdown, which is what my posts are now written in, is great for writing without the overhead of a having to wrap […]

Introducing HA-Pen

In a previous post I wrote about my search for a cheaper home automation solution, where I explained how I used a Raspberry Pi and a cheap 433Mhz transmitter to control some RF sockets. I mentioned in that article how I was spurred to try again after reading about using the Pi-mote from a company […]

List Books Feed Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to display the 10 latest books with links to their entries and details of the author from the List Books RSS feed.

List Books User Feed Plugin

This WordPress plugin gets the 10 latest listings from a List Books user RSS feed, converts it into one of four different layout formats and then includes it in the template wherever you call the function.

Media Image Master Application Launch

An application to retrieve cover images for movies ripped to your hard drive and used in a media centre application such as Media Browser under Windows Media Centre.

More Tag Modifier

This WordPress plugin will take whatever is in a file you designate and put it wherever you insert the more tag in your article (for example, Google Ads code).

Recent Posts

This is the modified version of the MtDewVirus recent posts plugin to add a 200 character text excerpt to the original plugin.

SRG Clean Archives Plugin

Modification to the SRG Clean Archives WordPress plugin to get it working under version 2.3.

Viewfinder Feedback Form

This is a simple feedback form for your site that uses PHP.

Viewfinder Mailing List

A simple mailing list script.

Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script

This script is a simple drop-in PHP file that will allow you to add a Send to a Friend link to any page of your site.

WP Print

A Modified version of the WP-Print plugin to add links to the bottom.

Zenphoto Flickr Importer

A script to export all of your photos, photosets, comments and descriptions and copy them into a Zenphoto installation.