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I thought I would use this page to highlight some of the products and services I use in both a personal and professional capacity. Web Hosting: Vidahost Most websites don’t need the chaos of cloud hosting virtual servers (although Vidahost do those as well) but for hosting a regular ol’d website (static or CMS-powered) you […]

Viewfinder Design

I have a few power sockets that can be switched wirelessly, mainly Energenie devices triggered by my Raspberry Pi. I’ve had a web interface for ages, and some automation around things like sunrise/sunset, but I’d been meaning to add voice control to save me requiring a device to hand. Obviously Alexa is hosted on Amazon’s […]

Using Fieldbook as a Static Site Data Source

On and off for quite some time I have been looking for a simple web-based database with a UI that would allow me to dump info into it without having to worry about a schema, one that allowed me to easily pull the contents out to display in a web page. I’d come across the […]


Automatically Backing Up Saved Files A batch file and some instructions on how to automatically encrypt and backup files in a directory to Dropbox each time they’re saved. Book Review Custom Post Type A book review custom post type for WordPress, a replacement for my old book review plugin that makes use of the new […]

Running a 4k screen using a Radeon HD 5450

I was the lucky recipient of a 4K monitor recently (an ASUS MX27UQ). So the question of how to drive it arose. In order to run it at its full resolution of 3840×2160, with a 60Hz refresh rate, I assumed I was going to need a new graphics card, so started looking around. I wanted […]


These templates are designed to be used with the WordPress blogging software. There are instructions on how to install the themes included in the download package. Based on the template I built for one of my other sites (surprisingly called A Screen Near You — the design has since been modified a bit), this is […]


The tips section now covers a range of IT topics, not just WordPress. Basically, I was finding that I answer the same or similar questions from a lot of my friends and relatives and, while it would probably easier to develop a stock response, other people may benefit from it too. So, here you’ll find […]

Celtx Tools Application

I’ve been a user of Celtx for a number of years.  Apart from being a great free app for writing screenplays, comics, stageplays, etc, I’ve also found it the closest thing on Windows to Scrivener for writing stories of any length. That’s not to say it’s perfect, especially where text files are concerned.  Some of […]

Hosting a Site on Google Cloud Storage

This is part of my series of try some alternative hosting options. Next up, I decided to try Google Cloud Storage. Amazon’s cloud platform is probably the best known, but it’s far from the only one, with plenty of competitors, including Google. Cloud Storage is their equivalent of Amazon’s S3. It’s designed to store files (and […]

Computer Hardware Tool Kits

I doubt the rise in tablets, laptops and mini PCs will see the end of people building, repairing or modifying their computers, despite many being sealed, so a computer tool kit is invaluable. There are a number of kits available to buy and you only need a couple of tools to do 99% of the […]