Book Reviews Plugin v1 for WP 2.0

I’ve been meaning to tidy up the Book Reviews plugin I wrote for a while, to sort out a couple of errors and make it run a little smoother. The launch of WordPress 2 and some free time due to the Christmas period has provided that opportunity, so I’m now releasing version 1.0 (beta). First […]

You Need Permission to Perform this Action Error in Vista

Having had this error and spending a long time searching for an answer to how to copy a file into a folder that kept giving me this error despite following the online advice for making myself the owner of the folder (which seemed to do nothing) the way that worked for me was simple: move […]

CD/DVD Driver Missing When Installing Windows 7

I, like quite a few others, got a screen asking me to supply a CD/DVD driver when installing Windows 7 RC 1 recently. There seems to be a lot of suggested ways around it, one suggests it is a corrupt ISO download, another is that burning at a slower speed works. I knew my DVD […]

Hosting a Site on Amazon S3

This is part of my series of try some alternative hosting options. I left Amazon until last at they’re the big gorilla in this market. Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been around since 2006 and hold significant market share. As such they’ve been used for a great many things, including hosting static sites. Simple Storage Service […]

WP Print

I’ve long been an evangelist of having a print option on your site and employ the fantastic WordPress 1.5 Print add-in on my blog. Unfortunately, when you print an article or post, you lose any links that appear in the article. So, I added a little extra to the WP Print file so that it […]

How to Modify Website Templates

Download How to Modify Website Templates as a PDF You can download the How to Modify Website Templates guide for easy reference, it’s a little long to post here. The guide is designed to let anyone who has a reasonable level of computer literacy produce a fully functioning template-based web site. I walk you through […]

Useful Apps for Better Productivity

Over the years I’ve found a number of applications that help save me time and effort and I find living without them a complete pain so they’re some of the first things installed on any new computer or after a reinstallation.  Even better, these are all completely free. I thought I would highlight them in […]

Are Atom-Powered Computers Worth It?

Recently I was singing the praises of an Acer Revo with a dual-core Atom processor. It struggled from time to time (mainly when trying to playback media, whether it was Flash or Quicktime) but by and large it allowed me to check my email and surf the web perfectly well. The benefits of the Atom […]

Acer Aspire Revo Review

That’s a title with some alliteration. It’s a fairly big name for a very small PC but a while back I bought a R3610 Revo. The R3610 has the dual-core N330 Atom processor (as opposed to the R3600 which only has a single-core). Anyway, moving on. I opted for the Linux version with 2GB of […]

My Media Centre Overhaul

Since installing my HD card, live TV (HD channels) has never really worked. After a period of time the sound would begin to stutter and eventually disappear altogether. Stopping and restarting the channel would solve it, but only for a while. I’ve looked for solutions before, such as increasing the size of the buffer pool […]