How do I Research a Product?

I’m often asked for recommendations for products, usually because I don’t have a problem finding and buying good products. I’m the guy, for example, who gets tasked with tracking down the ideal model when someone wants practically anything electrical. I don’t know more than anyone else, I’m not some all-knowing guru who picks a product […]

Hosting a Site on PubStorm

Update: I received an email today to say that PubStorm is shutting down as of the end of November 2016. This is part of my series of try some alternative hosting options. Next on the list was a service I stumbled across completely by accident. It’s called PubStorm from a company by the name of Nitrous. Their […]

Disappearing Menus on Archive Pages in WordPress

Having recently been building a new site using WordPress, which utilised the handy custom post type functionality, I came across a couple of problems when building my theme. I’m posting the solutions here in case they prove useful. Getting Custom Post Types to Appears in the Archives You can use a custom page to display […]

Getting Your Touchpad Recognised in Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu on my laptop recently, it’s an old Fujitsu-Siemens S6120D, but despite finding others who got it working, my touchpad was just being recognised as a generic PS/2 mouse when I used: cat /proc/bus/input/devices in a terminal window. After a lot of searching I found a post that indicated removing and ‘finding’ the […]

Setting Up Printers on a Netgear WGPS606 Print Server

Generally speaking the WGPS606 comes with a wizard to take care of the setup. While it was very easy, when I printed a test page I got pages of scrambled junk. To be fair, my printer (an HP LaserJet 1010) wasn’t actually listed as a supported model, I presumed this had been an omission and […]

Auto Excerpt Amendments

By default the wp_trim_excerpt function (which is described as ‘Fakes an excerpt if needed’) just grabs the first 55 characters of a post and adds […] to the end to create an excerpt. To make this longer, open up functions-formatting.php under the wp-includes folder and jump to line 645 (there or there abouts), it should […]

Hosting a Site on Rackspace Cloud Files

This is part of my series of try some alternative hosting options. This time I opted for one of the less common cloud providers: Rackspace. Cloud Files is their equivalent of Amazon’s S3. It’s designed to store files (as the name suggests), but can also be used to host static sites. It can also serve […]

Save Money by Switching Off

The number of electrical items in our homes just seems to keep increasing, many of them we wouldn’t want to do without. The same is true with PCs, with the growth in variety and drop in price of external peripherals more and more people are buying things like external HDDs and DVD burners. This also […]

How to Pick a Strong Password

Lifehacker have a great infographic, courtesy of Killer Infographics, that shows the dos and don’ts of picking a password to insure it’s strong and therefore safe.  It’s a fun way to understand what you should be doing to select your password. Click the image for larger version

Book Reviews Plugin v1.2 for WP 2.1

The Book Reviews plugin has now been updated to work with version 2.1 of WordPress. Aside from just making it work on 2.1, it also adds a new function, br_get_books_list, which provides an easier way to list all of the book reviews you’ve made in a variety of formats. I’ve also created and included a […]