Category Database Changes in WordPress 2.3

WordPress 2.3 makes some significant changes to the way categories are stored, while updating some of my (and other people’s) plugins I found the following terms should be replaced: $wpdb->categories is replaced by $wpdb->terms $wpdb->post2cat is replaced by $wpdb->term_relationships $wpdb->post2cat.post_id is replaced by $wpdb->term_relationships.object_id $wpdb->post2cat.category_id is replaced by $wpdb->term_relationships.term_taxonomy_id $wpdb->categories.cat_ID is replaced by $wpdb->terms.term_id wp_terms […]

Adding a New Quicktag

Open the quicktags.js file in the wp-admin folder of your WordPress installation. Insert your version of the following into the list of buttons where you want your own quicktag button to appear. edButtons[edButtons.length] = new edButton(‘ed_name’ // the name used with the setup ,’name’ // the name that will be displayed on the quicktags bar […]

More Tag Modifier

It’s easy enough to modifier a WordPress template to include standard code, such as advertising blocks, above or below the content of an article, but it’s not so easy to put a block in the middle of your text. There are some plugins for the likes of Google Ads to allow you to do this, […]

Setting up a Belkin Router with O2 Home Broadband

Having recently signed up for O2 home broadband I was trying to setup a Belkin Wireless-N (F5D8633-4) router rather than the the wireless box supplied (not that there is anything wrong with it). O2 provide a very helpful FAQ on setting up other routers (helpfully I can’t link straight to it due to their use […]

Things to Check when Buying Online

As I’ve already said, buying online isn’t as dangerous as it is sometimes made out to be, but that you still need to be aware of the risks. So, if you followed the previous advice on how to research a product and how to check up on an online retailer you are at a store, […]

Free Ways to Promote Your Website

Not every web site has a massive advertising budget with which to let the world know about it, but you need to advertise if you want your site to do more than simply gather electronic dust. It doesn’t matter whether you run a commercial site or a if it’s just for kicks, the techniques listed […]

Tips for Building a Site with Hugo

The documentation for Hugo is generally very good, but I ran into a few areas where it left me confused, or useful things were missing. I thought I would write up some of things I struggled with (and will possibly add to the official docs). Some of these were down to migrating from an existing […]

Alternatives to Mandrill Reviewed

I’ve been a user of Mandrill for a while, it’s a great service for sending transactional email. I only use it for a couple of personal projects (mainly because Gmail started getting funny when I was sending through them). I just checked my account and I average one email per day. It’s slightly higher than […]

Viewfinder Mailing List

This has now been updated, the current version is available here Viewfinder Mailing List (VML) is a simple to use, easy to install mailing list manager. At the moment it only supports plain text emails and one list, but it will allow people to subscribe and unsubscibe automatically, with a validation email if you desire […]

Reasons Not to Use Your ISP’s Email Address

An email address is pretty much a necessity these days and there are plenty of ways to get one.  When you sign up for broadband with an ISP (BT, for example) they will typically offer you an email address.  I still come across a lot of people using these addresses, but I would like to put the […]