Checking Up on an Online Retailer

There’s always a degree of trust involved when handing over your cash, whether it be in the pub, on the highstreet or online. On the highstreet your guarantee is the fact that it takes a certain amount of money to be on the highstreet and present an image. Setting up and online store is a […]

Security Basics

When friends or family first go online, they generally worry (rightly so) about security, they’ve all heard the horror stories of credit cards numbers being stolen and bank accounts being emptied. So, here’s some basic tips that will cover the bases and help you sleep better at night. There are a standard set of software […]

Removing Jump to More Tag

Open up template-functions-post.php, which can be found under the wp-includes directory, in any text editor and find the following line (should be around line 98). $output .= ‘ < a href=”‘. get_permalink() . “#more-$id”>$more_link_text”; Change this line to: $output .= ‘ < a href=”‘. get_permalink() . “”>$more_link_text”; Save the file, upload and voila.

Making Good Use of Colour on Your Website

Web sites are a predominantly visual medium, though not exclusively sight-biased most are aimed at delivering information using text and images. There are many elements that make up the visual design of a site, from typography to images; colour is simply another aspect of the design. It is, however, just as important as the others […]

Book Reviews Plugin

Update: This plugin is very out of date and many of the examples no longer exist, I recommend using my custom post type instead. I write a fair number of book reviews and I was planning on adding books to a few of my other sites, but there’s no real easy way to do book […]

SRG Clean Archives Plugin

I use the SRG Clean Archives plugin on my blog but it wasn’t working under WordPress 2.3 so I hacked it and made it work, and I thought I would make it available to download for others should they want it. Note that the official development of the SRG Clean Archives has been taken up […]

Embedding Images in Email Using PHPMailer

For anyone who has been hunting high and low for a solution to a problem I was having with PHPMailer and embedded images in HTML emails. The problem was that despite me being confident my code to insert the image was right, it was still appearing as an attachment (in Thunderbird at least). It turns […]

How to Spot a Phishing Email

The BBC recently ran a series on online security and one of the articles covered identifying a phishing email. Although automated systems are getting better at weeding these kinds of things out and warning us of potential problems, we are still the best thing to identify when someone is trying to swindle us. The two […]

List Books Feed Plugin

I’ve produced a simple little plugin that grabs the contents of the List Books RSS feed, converts it into one of four different formats and then includes it in the template where you call the function. List Books is another of my sites, designed to allow anyone to sell their old books commission free. This […]

Tips for Kindle Owners

So you’ve got a nice new Kindle, all fresh and filled with possibilities. Obviously you can buy books for it, but what else can you do with it? Read on to find out. Getting Free Books Once you’ve setup your Kindle you’ll want to get some books to read on it. You can buy books […]