Last updated: 1/8/2009 Over the years I have had to find hosting and move hosts numerous times and I was looking for a host for a new site recently and was frustrated at the lack of any directory or listing with reviews and what-not (for UK hosts specifically). If I ever get time, I’ll try […]

Viewfinder Relaunch

2nd Apr 2005 Right, well, I’ve been working on a bit of a clean up and expansion of this site, from just the one page to a complete resource. It’s far from finished, as you’ll see, but with me being away from a net connection so often at the moment I thought I’d take the […]

Templates on Blogsome

22nd Apr 2005 I didn’t realise, but some of my templates are available for people using Blogsome. For those who don’t know (and it hadn’t been launched last time I looked), Blogsome is a ‘free web hosting site for blogs,’ and all the blogs are powered by WordPress (hence the use of the templates).

Make a Donation

This site and everything offered on it is completely free for anyone to use. To keep it that way, if you find anything on this site useful and make use of it in anyway, I ask that you please make a donation to help keep this site running. It doesn’t have to be large, but […]


It isn’t all over once you’ve installed WordPress, you need to do a few things to set it up before you get posting. Getting Started with WordPress is a step-by-step guide of how to set things like categories and links. Grab a PDF copy of Getting Started with WordPress

Send to a Friend Script – charset « Viewfinder Design Support Forums

Where insert to the script encoding ISO-8859-2 ? Wrong me in enamel shows diacritical: šřšžčřž saw this on Viewfinder Design and thought you would should see it very thank you Posted: 2006-04-24 13:36:49 #

Book Reviews Plugin « Viewfinder Design Support Forums

I saw this plugin and it fit exactly what I would like to do for a part of my site. Installation went fine and everything, except for a few errors. I can’t seem to get Author to appear correctly? From what I can get from reading around your site is that I have to add […]

Seperate Book Review from WP? « Viewfinder Design Support Forums

I’d like to create a seperate page for reviews. However, when I post a review it is classified as a WP blog post and is listed in the latest blog entries. Is there a way to seperate the Book Review from WP so that book reviews list seperately from blog posts? Thank you. Posted: 2006-03-13 […]

Feedback Form « Viewfinder Design Support Forums

I’m having a problem with your feedback form. I’ve edited mail.php, changing only $send_address, $domain, $site and $redirect. I complete all fields, but get the error “Error: Message Body was not filled in, this is a required field.”. Any ideas? Kind regards, placid Posted: 2006-02-21 14:44:34 #

Book Review Plugin « Viewfinder Design Support Forums

im having problems with it. when i try to post a review, it gives me an error saying theres an error in line 97 of the code and that it cant post. and when i go to the manage area, the page doesnt exist. i get a 404 error. could you help me out? Posted: […]