2nd Apr 2005

Right, well, I’ve been working on a bit of a clean up and expansion of this site, from just the one page to a complete resource. It’s far from finished, as you’ll see, but with me being away from a net connection so often at the moment I thought I’d take the chance to get some of it up.

This site was running Textpattern, and the new version was too, until RC3 arrived and was so different to RC1 I got concerned, and with no easy upgrade script it was going to be a nightmare to move, not to mention that lack of version 1.0 on the horizon. So, I went back to WordPress and good ol’ 1.5 is now powering this site. Apart from the forums, which are run by Matt’s BBPress. It’s not the easiest to install, but it’s much easier to customise and the code is much leaner and cleaner than anything else I could find.

I have more things to come, so keep your eyes out.