Why Open Source Isn’t Adopted by Business

I was reading an article calling for the government to make more use of open source software and it rang some bells. I’m the IT Manager of an SMB, so I’ve usually got one eye on our spending and am looking for ways to cut those costs. As such I looked at converting our business […]

Office 365 Review

I’ve previously reviewed Google Apps and as we (the business I work for) decided not to use it, but instead have moved to Office 365, I thought it might be time to give that a review as well (as there seems to be little input from actual business users). We’ve been running our business on […]

The Changing Landscape of Printing Costs

I wrote some tips a while back on buying a printer. The basic lesson was that for volume printing you wanted a laser printer and, if printing a fair amount, spend more on the hardware initially so you get the option for high capacity toner. We’ve all seen the stories of inkjet printers that cost […]