Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script – Viewfinder Design

This script is a simple drop-in PHP file that will allow you to add a Send to a Friend link to any page of your site (so it can be page specific if you wish). It will allow someone to send the link to your page, with comments, their name and email address. Installation instructions […]

List Books User Feed Plugin – Viewfinder Design

I’ve produced another simple plugin to take advantage of the new functionaility on List Books that grabs your 10 latest listings from the new user books RSS feed, converts it into one of four different layout formats and then includes it in the template wherever you call the function. List Books is another one of […]

Alternative Dashboard – Viewfinder Design

The WordPress dashboard (that thing you’re greeted with in the admin section) is extremely comprehensive, perhaps too comprehensive in the view of some people. One of those people is Joshua Street over at StreetComputing. Instead of whinging about it, Joshua did something about it and offers Dashlite 1.0 for download.