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This is a free web resource designed primarily to cater for users of the popular WordPress blogging software. Most of the software, templates, tips and solutions were created personally by the site’s owner (see below). It is by no means a complete resource, with new things being added as and when time allows. Comments and […]

The Changing Landscape of Printing Costs – Viewfinder Design

I wrote some tips a while back on buying a printer. The basic lesson was that for volume printing you wanted a laser printer and, if printing a fair amount, spend more on the hardware initially so you get the option for high capacity toner. We’ve all seen the stories of inkjet printers that cost […]

Review of the Nexus 7 – Viewfinder Design

I was lucky enough to receive a Nexus 7 as a Christmas present, so having had it for a few months I thought it worth a quick write-up. I wrote a while ago that I didn’t think 7″ tablets were worth it, and for a while I wasn’t interested in them. I owned an iPad […]

How to Decide on a Processor – Viewfinder Design

It used to be fairly easy to figure out how good a processor was in relation to another, the main manufacturers (Intel and AMD) had two lines apiece — one budget line (Celeron/Duron) and one performance line (Pentium/Athlon) — and the higher the clock rating (measured in Mhz/Ghz) the better it was. These days the […]

Booting Linux from a USB Stick using a Floppy – Viewfinder Design

The trusty old Fujis that make up the bulk of the computers I deal with day-to-day tend to be pretty reliable, but I have noticed a few going down with (what I believe are) faulty disk drive controllers (to be fair, these machines are at least six years old). The system runs fine, all except […]