WordPress 2.0 is Out – Viewfinder Design

It was dropped in the middle of the holiday season when we’re all too merry and some of us actually spend a few days hours away from a computer, so you could be forgiven for not noticing the release of WordPress 2.0. It’s supposedly more of a back-end update, and a lot of work has […]

A Little Home Automation – Viewfinder Design

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I have a lamp timer and was finding it frustrating to have to manually change the on/off times throughout the year as the length of the day changes. One option I suggested using a computer to to give more flexibility and control. Well I’ve been running with a setup that does […]

Tiger Roars Again – Viewfinder Design

Now, having just migrated one of my sites that uses the Tiger Admin plugin I can tell you that WordPress 2.0 borks that right up.  A quick trip over to the author’s site, however, reveals that he already has a WP2.0 version available.  Talk about not hanging around.