Last updated: 1/8/2009 Over the years I have had to find hosting and move hosts numerous times and I was looking for a host for a new site recently and was frustrated at the lack of any directory or listing with reviews and what-not (for UK hosts specifically). If I ever get time, I’ll try […]

Viewfinder Relaunch

2nd Apr 2005 Right, well, I’ve been working on a bit of a clean up and expansion of this site, from just the one page to a complete resource. It’s far from finished, as you’ll see, but with me being away from a net connection so often at the moment I thought I’d take the […]

Templates on Blogsome

22nd Apr 2005 I didn’t realise, but some of my templates are available for people using Blogsome. For those who don’t know (and it hadn’t been launched last time I looked), Blogsome is a ‘free web hosting site for blogs,’ and all the blogs are powered by WordPress (hence the use of the templates).