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Where insert to the script encoding ISO-8859-2 ? Wrong me in enamel shows diacritical: šřšžčřž saw this on Viewfinder Design and thought you would should see it very thank you Posted: 2006-04-24 13:36:49 #

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I saw this plugin and it fit exactly what I would like to do for a part of my site. Installation went fine and everything, except for a few errors. I can’t seem to get Author to appear correctly? From what I can get from reading around your site is that I have to add […]

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I’d like to create a seperate page for reviews. However, when I post a review it is classified as a WP blog post and is listed in the latest blog entries. Is there a way to seperate the Book Review from WP so that book reviews list seperately from blog posts? Thank you. Posted: 2006-03-13 […]

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I’m having a problem with your feedback form. I’ve edited mail.php, changing only $send_address, $domain, $site and $redirect. I complete all fields, but get the error “Error: Message Body was not filled in, this is a required field.”. Any ideas? Kind regards, placid Posted: 2006-02-21 14:44:34 #

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im having problems with it. when i try to post a review, it gives me an error saying theres an error in line 97 of the code and that it cant post. and when i go to the manage area, the page doesnt exist. i get a 404 error. could you help me out? Posted: […]

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Please note the extra spaces in the code quoted below, you need to removed these to get it to work. Here’s an email I had recently and my response, hopefully it’ll be useful for others: I’ve downloaded and installed the book review plugin, but am a little confused by the docs. The “Write Book Entry” […]