How to Connect your PC to your TV

The rise of streaming media services such as the BBC’s iPlayer and downloadable content means more and more people are looking to connect their computers to their TV so they can view it sat on their sofa rather than hunched over a computer or sat at a desk. There are a number of different options […]

Computer Hardware Tool Kits

I doubt the rise in tablets, laptops and mini PCs will see the end of people building, repairing or modifying their computers, despite many being sealed, so a computer tool kit is invaluable. There are a number of kits available to buy and you only need a couple of tools to do 99% of the […]

Convert Topfield .Rec Files and Burn to DVD

First off, you need to get the files off of the machine onto your computer, for this you need a standard USB cable and some software to download with, there are a few options: This next barrier is that the Topfield saves programmes in a .rec file type. This is actually an MPEG2 transport stream […]

Running a 4k screen using a Radeon HD 5450

I was the lucky recipient of a 4K monitor recently (an ASUS MX27UQ). So the question of how to drive it arose. In order to run it at its full resolution of 3840×2160, with a 60Hz refresh rate, I assumed I was going to need a new graphics card, so started looking around. I wanted […]

Viewfinder Design

This is part of my series of try some alternative hosting options. This time I opted for one of the less common cloud providers: Rackspace. Cloud Files is their equivalent of Amazon’s S3. It’s designed to store files (as the name suggests), but can also be used to host static sites. It can also serve […]

Lessons Learned Going Offline with HTML5

I recently built a simple web-based CRM tool only to run into a problem: my users didn’t have internet access all the time, so couldn’t reach it when on the road. Primary use was going to be on phones and tablets, so I could have built a native app, but with both Android and iOS […]

Securely Wiping a Hard Disk

So you’ve bought a new computer and decided to be generous and donate your old one to a charity, or perhaps you’ve decided you need some more space and have upgraded your hard drive and are looking to sell the old one to recoup some cash.  You’ve remembered to format the drive, so you’re safe […]

Book Reviews Plugin v1.3 for WP 2.3

The Book Reviews plugin has now been updated to work with version 2.3 of WordPress. Due to the changes in 2.3 this version will not work with older versions of WordPress, please stick with version 1.2 or upgrade your copy of WordPress. DOWNLOAD

Styling the Latest Post

On the Digerati Peninsula home page I use a modified version of the recent posts plugin by MtDewVirus, I also set $more = 1 so it shows the full post and not just the part up to the more tag and I also add exit; after I call the footer so as to stop the […]

The True Costs of Printing

Despite it being a digital world we all still seem to need printers.  There’s no shortage of them, but due to the way they’re sold, finding a good deal can be a bit of a challenge.  The way to find the right printer for you, and one that won’t cost you a ton to run, […]