Book Reviews Plugin

Update: This plugin is very out of date and many of the examples no longer exist, I recommend using my custom post type instead. I write a fair number of book reviews and I was planning on adding books to a few of my other sites, but there’s no real easy way to do book […]

Book Review Custom Post Type

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the Book Review plugin, mainly because it was complicated to write and with each release of WordPress I largely had to rewrite it. And because most of the code it used emulated core WP functionality there wasn’t a lot of help anywhere to guide me how things had […]

List Books Latest User Listings

I’ve just released a WordPress plugin to allow you to include your latest listings at List Books anywhere on your site using the new user feed functionality I added to the site. You can now show you 10 latest listings with links to the page on List Books. Head over to the downloads page to […]

Book Reviews Plugin v1.1 for WP 2.1

WordPress 2.1 is released today and marks a significant update, so much so some plugins will not work. I’ve updated the Book Reviews plugin to a new version which should work with WP 2.1. Version 1.1 of the plugin also brings in a new function, br_get_books_list, which provides an easier way to list all of […]

So, courtesy of a friend (I don’t need an account, I won’t use it), I’ve been having a play around with, the fully hosted version of WordPress. One thing that’s obvious is that they’ve spruced up the back-end, one assumes this is a foreshadow of what will be included in WP 1.6 when it […]


For those of you who have missed it Michael Heilemann, author of the default WordPress theme, Kubrick, has launched the alpha version of his latest and hugely anticipated theme, K2. Head on over to his site to download the alpha release (note, this isn’t a fully finished and working version, he seems to be working […]


Based on the template I built for one of my other sites (surprisingly called A Screen Near You — the design has since been modified a bit), this is a simple two-column layout, although it has three columns on the front page. It’s designed to be easy to use and flexible, with a choice of […]


A very few of you may have noticed a slight change to this site earlier today, that’s because it was hacked. I’m not sure how they did it, I wasn’t interested. I fixed it in a whole 5 minutes, which is testimony to how fast and easy it is to set up when you know […]

Textpattern 4.0

This site may look like it’s only dedicated to WordPress, but it was originally intended as a more general resources site, dealing primarily with WordPress and Textpattern (TXP). In fact, the original version of the site was built in TXP, but it hadn’t been released as a full version at that point and rather than […]

Template Update

Okay, I’ve finally gotten round to updating all the templates to work flawlessly out of the box with WordPress 1.5 and higher. The old templates had instructions on how to convert them to 1.3/1.5 but there is now a dedicated 1.5 version for most of the templates to save you the hassle. In the process […]