Second-Hand PCs Offer Great Savings

I’d normally buy computers brand new, but at work I’ve found a great source of cheap computers that do the job at knock-down prices: eBay. Businesses are always looking to save money, but most couldn’t cope without their computers. In our case they’re largely used as thin clients, along with running a web browser, perhaps […]

Doubling Up on 4K

In the middle of last year I was presented with a 4K monitor (an ASUS MX27UQ). I was very pleased with it and the picture quality was a massive step up from the aging LG W3000H running at 2K that had been my main screen for many years. So I was very grateful to Father […]

Hosting a Website on Tumblr

Last year some time I whipped up a simple site based on a premise I’d had knocking around in my head for a while. The aim is simple: send jovial insults to people you know. I originally registered a domain and hosted it on GitHub pages but as the domain expired, despite the relatively low […]

Services : Viewfinder Design

I thought I would use this page to highlight some of the products and services I use in both a personal and professional capacity. Web Hosting: Vidahost Most websites don’t need the chaos of cloud hosting virtual servers (although Vidahost do those as well) but for hosting a regular ol’d website (static or CMS-powered) you […]

A Cheaper Home Automation Solution

A while back I set up a little home automation using a USB 433Mhz transmitter to control some RF sockets I had lying around. The primary aim was to replace the timer I used to run my lamps, which needed constant changing throughout the year. It worked, and I even made a couple of tweaks […]

Why Open Source Isn’t Adopted by Business

I was reading an article calling for the government to make more use of open source software and it rang some bells. I’m the IT Manager of an SMB, so I’ve usually got one eye on our spending and am looking for ways to cut those costs. As such I looked at converting our business […]

Office 365 Review

I’ve previously reviewed Google Apps and as we (the business I work for) decided not to use it, but instead have moved to Office 365, I thought it might be time to give that a review as well (as there seems to be little input from actual business users). We’ve been running our business on […]

The Changing Landscape of Printing Costs

I wrote some tips a while back on buying a printer. The basic lesson was that for volume printing you wanted a laser printer and, if printing a fair amount, spend more on the hardware initially so you get the option for high capacity toner. We’ve all seen the stories of inkjet printers that cost […]

Booting Linux from a USB Stick using a Floppy

The trusty old Fujis that make up the bulk of the computers I deal with day-to-day tend to be pretty reliable, but I have noticed a few going down with (what I believe are) faulty disk drive controllers (to be fair, these machines are at least six years old). The system runs fine, all except […]

Excluding a Category from the Home Page

This is the code to add/change in the index.php file of your template if you use the method specified in the WordPress codex: < ?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> < ! — The following tests if the current post is in category 3. –> < ! — […]