Can We Support the Cloud?

Everything seems to be moving into the cloud, which is to say solutions hosted by an external company and provided as a service. The cloud is all very well, but have we got the infrastructure to support it? Most business have internet access for a variety of reasons these days, but going forward more companies […]

Review of Linux Mint

I was going to write this as a general ‘is Linux ready for the desktop’ article, but decided to stick with the specific distribution (version) I used.  Many of the comments will equally apply to any version of Linux, however. I had been thinking of giving Linux another try (I go back to Red Hat […]

Devolo dLan Highspeed Ethernet Starter Kit Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these for free recently (legally, I hasten to add), so thought I would review it so the rest of you can make a more informed decision, not just about this product, but power line networking in general. A number of years ago there were […]

A Low-Budget HTPC Build

Part of the reason for the Building a Cheap Media Centre article was to use some of the research I had done leading up to building a media centre for my brother (as a birthday present). Anyway, I thought it was time to get around to writing up my experience with that build.  This build […]

A New Desktop Build

A few months back, my desktop PC died. I had a birthday not too far away and I was struggling with present ideas, so I figured I could make do with a cobbled-together machine until then. Truth be told, I had been thinking about a new machine for a while, mainly because the old one kept hitting […]

Windows Vista

I’ve been using Windows Vista for several months now, so I think I’m in a position where I can comment on it. I run Vista Ultimate 64, the 64-bit version of Vista rather than the standard 32-bit (which is what XP is, for example). The different variations of Vista make things confusing I think. Basically, […]

Lessons Learned from Building HTPCs

Strictly speaking this should probably be ‘˜lessons learned from building and running HTPCs.’ My media centre has been the hub of home entertainment for the last 12 months, so I thought it was probably time to do a rundown of the things I learned along the way. Silence is Golden Making a PC totally silent […]

How to Connect your PC to your TV

The rise of streaming media services such as the BBC’s iPlayer and downloadable content means more and more people are looking to connect their computers to their TV so they can view it sat on their sofa rather than hunched over a computer or sat at a desk. There are a number of different options […]

Reviving My Nexus 7

A while back I was lucky enough to receive a Nexus 7 (2012) as a Christmas present (read my review). I have quite a few tablets and this isn’t my daily driver, but it sits beside my bed as it’s handy to check emails or the weather when I wake up. It’s also great to catch a […]


These templates are designed to be used with the WordPress blogging software. There are instructions on how to install the themes included in the download package. Based on the template I built for one of my other sites (surprisingly called A Screen Near You — the design has since been modified a bit), this is […]