Problems Discovering Devices Using Silex SX-1000U

We recently acquired a Silex SX-1000U to allow us to network the last remaining printers in the house (namely a Dymo label printer and an HP all-in-one, hence the special requirement for a USB device server rather than a print server). The SX-1000U is described as:

The USB device server connects your Multi-Function or All-In-One printer to your network. It instantly allows your family members or co-workers to print, scan, fax and store from anywhere across a LAN, taking full advantage of its capabilities including the printer’s status monitoring function. Perfect for use with any USB device such as disk drivers, scanners, printers and digital cameras. The USB device server is also ideal to network various USB devices creating a virtual link for anyone to access the devices from anywhere on the network. It enhances productivity and protects the investment for your USB products.

Anyway, installation worked a charm, but when I went to use the software that allows you to connect to a USB device (SX Virtual Link), although I could see it, I couldn’t see the actual devices, despite being able to see them if I logged into the web interface. In the end I solved it by downloading version 2.0.1 (you can get it from here). Once I installed the devices magically appeared, the same on the other PCs in the family too.