Setting Up Printers on a Netgear WGPS606 Print Server

Generally speaking the WGPS606 comes with a wizard to take care of the setup. While it was very easy, when I printed a test page I got pages of scrambled junk. To be fair, my printer (an HP LaserJet 1010) wasn’t actually listed as a supported model, I presumed this had been an omission and other printers in the same range were there, so I went ahead anyway. Initially I was only getting one line of text printing out on the page: “Unsupported Personality: PCL” and that was it.

After some tinkering, I found out how to setup the printer, so if you’re having problems, try this:

  1. Start the Add Printer wizard in the Control Panel (Windows)
  2. Click Next, the select Local printer attached to this computer, but make sure the automatically detect option is unticked, click Next
  3. From the Use the following port dropdown select IP_yourprintersipaddressP1 (Standard TCP/IP Port), this should be there is you have run the wizard, click Next
  4. Select your printer from the list or install drivers with the Have Disk option, click Next
  5. Follow the rest through, select as your default and share as you wish
  6. Print a test page to make sure it’s working and click Finish
  7. Voila, all done, working printer, do the same for your other PCs