Book Reviews Plugin v1.2 for WP 2.1

The Book Reviews plugin has now been updated to work with version 2.1 of WordPress. Aside from just making it work on 2.1, it also adds a new function, br_get_books_list, which provides an easier way to list all of the book reviews you’ve made in a variety of formats. I’ve also created and included a couple of drop-in templates for a page and single post entry as examples of how to use the plugin.

Please note that I have only tested this on version 2.1, so I’m not sure what backwards compatibility is like.

Update: Very slight modification made, version increased to 1.2


If you are using WordPress 2.0 then you should use version 1.1 of this plugin, version 1.2 appears to be incompatible. You can download version 1.1 here.