Book Review Custom Post Type

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the Book Review plugin, mainly because it was complicated to write and with each release of WordPress I largely had to rewrite it. And because most of the code it used emulated core WP functionality there wasn’t a lot of help anywhere to guide me how things had changed.

I fell back on using the More Fields plugin.

In WordPress 3 though, came the option for Custom Post Types. So, earlier in the week I rolled up my sleeves and, with the help of come excellent tutorials (mainly this one by Justin Tadlock), wrote a custom post type specifically for Book Reviews.

This basically adds fields for:

  • Author
  • Whether you recommend it
  • Book cover (optional)
  • Link to a site where people can buy the book (optional)
  • Link to a site where people can buy your copy (optional)


Book Reviews Post Screen

You can find an example of the usage on my review site.

Installation instructions and what-not are included in a readme.txt file inside the zip.

If you have existing reviews you would like to convert to the book_review post type I can recommend the Convert Post Types plugin, although note you may be missing custom field data.

Download the files here