Zenphoto Flickr Importer

I wrote recently about the fact that I did really use my Flickr account enough to warrant keeping it, plus I had space on my hosting accounts to store my photos, so I decided to take them back into my control. The issue with that was I had put a lot of work into loading, tagging and describing my photos, which I didn’t want to lose. Plus, since my account had expired, I couldn’t remember exactly what I had and had not loaded. So after I hunted around and found I liked Zenphoto I wrote a script to grab my photos, photosets, comments and descriptions and copy them into Zenphoto, setting up albums for the photosets, adding the images and the rest.

It worked for me so I thought I would make it available for everyone else should it prove useful.

(Note: this only works with v1.2.5)

DOWNLOAD for Zenphoto v1.2.6