Setting up a Belkin Router with O2 Home Broadband

Having recently signed up for O2 home broadband I was trying to setup a Belkin Wireless-N (F5D8633-4) router rather than the the wireless box supplied (not that there is anything wrong with it). O2 provide a very helpful FAQ on setting up other routers (helpfully I can’t link straight to it due to their use of sessions, so go to the Broadband & Internet help section and search for other routers) but I found using PPPoA or PPPoE required a username and password, which the Belkin box wouldn’t let me leave empty.

In the end comments from this forum post helped me, essentially I went with:

  • WAN connection type: Dynamic/Fixed IP (1483 Bridge)
  • IP asigned by ISP: yes
  • VPI: 0 and VCI: 101
  • Encapsulation: LLC

This doesn’t require a username and password and connected OK.

Note: You may need to leave it 20/40 mins for the DHCP lease to run out (if you have just switched from another router that was connected) and assign an IP address, but I didn’t.