This is a free web resource designed primarily to cater for users of the popular WordPress blogging software. Most of the software, templates, tips and solutions were created personally by the site’s owner (see below). It is by no means a complete resource, with new things being added as and when time allows. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, as are submissions which fit into any of the areas of this site.

The Man Behind It

This site was created and is maintained by Lee Penney. Lee is a huge fan of the internet and started using it in the mid-nineties. He built his first site back in 1996 and has since built a variety of sites on a wide range of topics, both for himself and others. Probably because of this early start in website construction, Lee has always been fond of building websites by hand, coding each line in a text editor rather than using a WYSIWYG package.

Lee has a degree in film, which means his not just your average film nut, but a qualified film nut. Aside from building websites and engaging in various aspects of film, Lee likes to try lots of different things, dabbling a lot rather than picking anything in particular for a hobby. He’s been known to try a bit of photography, archery, he likes to pretend he can play football, he writes fiction, both books and screenplays and thinks up ideas for businesses he’d like to start. He has had mixed results, but believes it’s all about enjoying what you do rather than end result. Lee waxes lyrical over at his personal site: The Digerati Peninsula, so why not drop by and see what he’s mouthing off about now.

After taking a year out to travel, he took the plunge into XHTML and CSS for building websites, believing it to be faster and easier to use, not to mention making more sense when constructing the precious code. About the same time he taught himself PHP and SQL and hasn’t looked back. He considered himself to be a designer/developer with a distinct leaning towards the development side.

About the Ads

The ads are a relatively new thing I’m trialling. The donation button has managed to entice a whole one person to leave some cash, so I’m hoping that the ads may provide some cash to offset against the time and energy I put into the site and its contents. I’m aiming to keep them relevant to the audience rather than bombard you with adverts for casinos and such. If you have any feedback I’d be interested to hear it.

Make a Donation

This site and everything offered on it is completely free for anyone to use. To keep it that way, if you find anything on this site useful and make use of it in anyway, I ask that you please make a donation to help keep this site running. Alternatively, you could buy something from my Amazon wishlist.