These templates are designed to be used with the WordPress blogging software. There are instructions on how to install the themes included in the download package. Based on the template I built for one of my other sites (surprisingly called A Screen Near You — the design has since been modified a bit), this is […]

Hosting a Site on Google Cloud Storage

This is part of my series of try some alternative hosting options. Next up, I decided to try Google Cloud Storage. Amazon’s cloud platform is probably the best known, but it’s far from the only one, with plenty of competitors, including Google. Cloud Storage is their equivalent of Amazon’s S3. It’s designed to store files (and […]

My Attempts at Website Optimisation and the Results

Having decided to move leepenney.com to a static site (using Hugo), I thought I would try and make a few improvements to help boost page loading times and share both my methodology and the results of what I did. Measuring Progress I decided to use three different services to track my progress: Google’s PageSpeed Insights […]

Going Static with Hugo

One of the options, when I started looking around for an alternative to my home-brew blogging engine back in 2003/4, was Movable Type. It generated static files each time you hit publish. It was slow and seemed a little antiquated, so I opted for WordPress (then at version 1.2, which shows how long I’ve been […]

Celtx Tools Application

I’ve been a user of Celtx for a number of years.  Apart from being a great free app for writing screenplays, comics, stageplays, etc, I’ve also found it the closest thing on Windows to Scrivener for writing stories of any length. That’s not to say it’s perfect, especially where text files are concerned.  Some of […]