Comment Moderation

Michael Heilemann over at Binary Bonsai posted a rant about comment moderation and has recommended the Optional Comment Moderation plugin for your more extreme spam comment crunching. Personally, I don’t use anything but the WordPress defaults and they work just fine for me. Update: Michael changed his mind and has implemented the Auto Moderate Comments […]

The Easiest Way Copy Songs Off your iPod

I recently got asked to copy some songs off an iPod because their computer had died and they’d just bought a new one, which obviously didn’t have their songs and audio books on it.  As far as I’m aware they were no backups.  I’ve tried a few of the applications and methods to copy songs […]

Automatically Backing Up Saved Files

So I do a bit of writing, not just for my many websites, but I’m working on a novel and a couple of screenplays.  Needless to say they’re a lot of work.  Discounting the research and ideas the novel (according to my Celtx Tools global word count) comes in just over 65,000 words.  A lot […]